Friday, October 19, 2012

Why world? Why?

My head hurts from looking at this stuff
So while I don't like who Nik Richie is ...but he's right in calling Doug Hutchison a child molester ...his reasoning for it be okay for a 49 year old man to marry a sixteen year old girl is's accepted in loads of countries...yeah you are right the child sex trade and pedophelia is less frowned upon in certain countries ...but using the phrase I believe in love sounds an awful lot like what pedos say when defending themselves...that they love these kids and no one else will understand this love...I realize this girl looks like she's 30 ...that doesn't change the fact her brain isn't fully developed ...she is not emotionally mature and she's was 16 ...16!...and and the whole she finds it funny that she sometimes accidentally calls him dad.....-shakes head-