Friday, October 12, 2012

Rants about fighting ignorance with more ignorance

Today my rant is about women's rights. Okay, so to start ...I am for women's rights. Well in all honesty I'm for equality all over the board. We are all human no one is lesser than another. But I've noticed as the election day approaches more and more women (some who I know and others who I don't know but I've read statements they've made) going all out and getting angry and fighting back. Firstly I do agree with what they are trying to achieve just not how they are going about it -sigh- . I don't think a government primarily made up of men should be making decisions for  an entire gender, the opposite gender. Also the cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood...I certainly don't understand that...pretty much because they want to get rid of it due to , I'm assuming now, but because a preconceived notion that it's just a place to get abortions and contraception...Well if that's the case they are wrong ...It's women's wellness clinic catering to women of all ages and sexual orientations. They do everything from contraceptives,abortion, some counseling,annual exams,and even schedule mammograms. Anyway my problem is with all these women who are complaining and making statements such as "I wish men would have to experience what it's like to be a woman and be sexually harassed all the time" or " I wish men would have to deal with the fear of being raped" and more statements of that nature...Now this gets me angry because I have had male friends, gay and heterosexual, who have been sexually harassed by women, and some who were raped. Now I want someone to try and tell me that if they were to go to a bar ..that they wouldn't see at least one woman hitting on a guy and essentially harassing them. Anyway my rant is over and it's all over the place but my point is can't lump an entire gender into one stereotype. it's not fair..