Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Suicide is not the answer

This post is about my reaction to the facebook page dedicated to Amanda Todd. As someone who suffers from severe mental illness, which by the way was not caused by neglectful parents, this story is easy to relate to. There were  comments about there needs to be a page dedicated to all suicide victims or people suffering from depression. There is and learn to use google. There are numerous foundations set up i.e. the purple ribbon foundation? Pretty sure that's what it's called. This girls life and what happened to her is not a joke,nor are comments saying oh well she wasn't murdered she did this to herself. Wow, really? Obviously these people have never suffered from depression. Amanda Todd was targeted by an obsessive pedophile,who stalked her and essentially destroyed her life. And anyone child,teen, or adult has no right to say it was her fault unless they care to examine their own faults . Do not tell me you have never done anything stupid or you've never regretted something. Get over yourselves and if your lives are that pathetic that you need to seek out pages about tragedy to post stupid ill informed comments and bad taste jokes to make yourself feel better/look cool/impress people who probably don't give a shit about you...maybe you should take a look in the mirror. Grow up before the real world slaps you in the face. My hope is she found solace after death and I'm sorry that she thought her future was so bleak and hopeless,that suicide became the only answer,when it wasn't it shouldn't have been. I posted this on the page and to be honest it was like screaming in a crowded room where everyone was deaf. Sitting and trying to present people with facts was quite stupid on my part when they didn't want facts, they wanted a news story that bled. They want something violent and controversial and they want to shame this girl just to make them seem cool or feel better about themselves and their own life choices. This girl was by no means perfect, but the key word is girl, not woman. She was a child who made a stupid mistake and it followed her and tormented her till she felt the only way out was death. It's incredibly sad and my only hope is that people will eventually learn from this. You can only push people so far into a corner before they react. My prayers are with the families and victims of suicide due to bullying,depression,ect. This shouldn't be the answer.