Monday, October 8, 2012

An intro of sorts

Hi there internet,
This is an intro to anyone who reads this,if anyone reads this. This blog is going to made up of my opinions and they are strong opinions. But also this blog isn't for anyone but me. People are welcome to read it and comment if they wish... but to me this is a way to vent in a way I'm not able to otherwise. This is not because I want an audience or a soapbox to stand up on and shout verbal abuse. As I mentioned before I have insanely strong opinions but I'm so open minded and occasionally naive, and I just want to believe in mankind. Believe there is still good left in the world. That it isn't what the news betrays it to be. Before I wander off I would just like to say If people do read this and disagree or agree with me I am open to having a reasonable and calm discussion about views. I won't tolerate abuse of any kind. Whether it be directed at me or other people.

 G'night  World