Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and other things from this week

Okay, so I live in Maryland on the east coast about 20 minutes from the beach. My family was very prepared for what has now become known as frankenstorm. Hoooooooowever, a lot of people I know and some I am friends with made light of the situation saying it wasn't a big deal. First I knew people who didn't even bother getting prepared and then also decided to make comments that the storm wasn't too bad and made lots of jokes blah blah blah...I honestly cannot understand why or how people can be so stupid and self centered. Yes it's nice that we didn't get it so bad but loads of people lost homes and some lost their lives. Cities and lives destroyed by what is now the worst storm to hit the east coast in a century. The entire idea that weather won't or doesn't affect you is stupid and selfish. The world doesn't revolve around you. Grow up and learn some respect. Ahem anyway.....-sigh- I've been debating with myself for the last few months on whether I want to purchase a ps3 or ps vita. Pretty sure I've decided on the ps3. Also gonna do some shopping for winter clothes and pressies for people for xmas. Oh oh and on a happier note I watched the remake of the munsters and it was brilliant! It's called Mockingbird lane :3 watch it...now...do it! :3 I would like to end this entry by saying my heart goes out to all those affected by hurricane Sandy, I am sending all the positive vibes I can.